GB v France J16 team selected

The 2024 GB v France Match will take place in France at Léry-Poses, near Rouen, on Saturday, 13 July 2024


On Sunday, 30 June, 240 athletes competed at the GB Rowing Team J16 trial with the aim of representing their country in the annual GB v France J16 Match. After a brilliant day of competition, 56 athletes from 15 different programs were selected to compete in France on Saturday, 13 July 2024.

The match is a thrilling head-to-head contest over 1500m, offering young rowers and their coaches an opportunity to engage in international competition. With three trophies up for grabs, Men’s, Women’s and Overall, every performance counts in this team competition.

Tim Liversage, GB Rowing Team J16 Team Manager said, “After some fantastic racing at the trials in Nottingham, we are very excited to see what this team can do. We have great representation from large rowing clubs and schools, but also from smaller programmes like Shanklin Sandown and Hexham, who produced some outstanding races. Best of luck to all the crews racing and I hope they relish the opportunity to represent GB in France!”

The GB v France J16 Match represents the first step on the British Rowing Olympic Performance Pathway, potentially paving the way for future Olympic champions within the team.

The selected crews and rowing programmes are:

Women’s eight (W8+): Henley RC

Evelyn Meeks
Jemima Painter
Tilly Mackenzie-Smith
Lucy Green
Charlotte Tong
Lilian Graham
Jemima Butterworth
Molly Hall
Elise Pindoria (cox)

Coach: Charlotte Rowley 

Women’s quadruple sculls (W4x): Hexham RC

Cassie Anderson
Isabel Cain
Esme Pugh
Emma Nicholson

Coach: Julia Gledson 

Women’s four (W4-): Latymer Upper School BC

Elena Gilberti
Thalia Wyers
Sienna Denham-Davis
Midge Speight

Coach: Nick Laws 

Women’s coxed four (W4+): Wallingford RC

Lucy Mead
Naomi Bell
Florence Schilizzi
Lily Clayton
Alice Hull (Cox)

Coach: Geoff Brown 

Women’s pair (W2-): Nottingham and Union RC

Orlaith McEvoy-Lusty
Amie Page

Coach: Paul Stevens 

Women’s double sculls (W2x): A.B. Severn BC

Phoebe Asquith
Gracie Janes

Coach: Colin Bell

Women’s single sculls (W1x): Walton RC

Holly Weddell

Coach: Paul Wilkinson 

Spare Women’s single sculls (W1x): St Pauls Girls’ School BC

Natalie Cory-Wright

Men’s Eight (M8+): Radley College BC

Lohan Baker
Hubert Theed
Dylan Hughes
Harry Byrnes
Monty Sutherland
Francis Crean
Fintan Murphy
Hector Scott Plummer
Zac Shepherd (Cox)

Coach: Mike Genchi 

Men’s quadruple sculls (M4x): The Windsor Boys’ School BC

Casper Litherland
Dara Thomson
Isaac Thornton
Bailey Taylor

Coach: Ben Liddell 

Men’s four (M4-): Westminster School BC

Angus Stewart
George Petrow
Jack Frye
Kuzey Mazi

Coach: Dave Loveday 

Men’s coxed four (M4+): Hampton School BC

Henry Hoeffken
Ewan McVey
Leo Robertson
Monty Hunt
Ben Knight (Cox)

Coach: Harry Perry 

Men’s pair (M2-): Norwich School BC

Nicholas Conway
Archie Wilkins

Coach: Ashley Carter-Myers 

Men’s double sculls (M2x): Shanklin Sandown RC

Louis Sheasby
Carter Horrix

Coach: Lesley Walters 

Men’s single sculls (M1x): George Watson’s College RC

Ezra Ferguson

Coach: Hamish Burrell 

Spare Men’s single sculls (M1x): Walton RC

Charlie Howells

Team Support

Tim Liversage: Team Manager
Yewande Adesida: Assistant Team Manager
Becs Vannozzi: Team Physio
John Moon: Equipment Manager
Jonny Fieth: Assistant Equipment Manager

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