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Confidence – is it real or is it all in our minds?

June 2, 2020 19:00
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We all know that mental skills in sport are as important as the physical side of rowing. Finding out how to push yourself through the pain barrier, learning how to work in a crew, preparing to get the most out of yourself when racing and figuring out how to balance sport, life and work are all processes that we develop for ourselves and learn how to get better at. But did you know that even at the very top level of sport, elite athletes from across all sports will still struggle with questions about how best to train and compete? In this webinar, Olympic silver medallist and two-time World Champion Annie Vernon (author of Mind Games: Determination, Doubt and Lucky Socks - An Insider's Guide To The Psychology Of Elite Athletes  - 2019) will unpick the mental side of rowing and show how it's both absolutely critical for performance - and is also a lot easier than simply trying to train harder and fit more sessions into the week.

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